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  • Accessing the n-Central API with Python
    The n-Central API with Python So you wanna access the n-Central API with Python? You’re gonna need even more luck than you had with Powershell! See the Powershell article here: So maybe you don’t want to install […]
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  • Accessing the n-Central API with Powershell
    The n-Central API with Powershell So you wanna access the n-Central API with Powershell? Good luck! I can only find this information in one other place on the internet, another blog, and I don’t want it to be lost if that blog ever fails, so I will document an example Powershell code that […]
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  • A Triumvirate of Stupidity
    Whew. I have to consider myself pretty lucky. I haven’t encountered enough stupidity to be worth ranting about in almost a year, but as guaranteed by interacting with humanity, that time has come to an end. See, I’ve been decently happy at my current job. I’ve got a cool NOC role […]
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  • My Grand NOC Dashboard Is Under Construction But Working!!!
    SCREW YOU ILLIDAN, I HAVE PREPARED AT LAST MY ALERT DASHBOARD OF AWESOMENESS Not a Star Trek fan? Feel free to skip this post lol Check out my alert count dashboard woooo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IoA8kUER-s   Yeah that’s right, all you fellow geeks are jealous aren’t […]
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  • Windows 10 Feature Updates
    The Creator Update. The aptly named Fall (emphasis on falling) Update. The 1709 Update. I don’t give a crap what you call them because they’re all the same thing — crap. Windows 10 has basically embraced the “Windows as a service” concept. As the Tenth Doctor would […]
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