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Precisely what the title says. Expect to find random journal posts here.


{Random} I’m baaaaack!

And boy do I have more shit to vent about! I have few bad things to say about my current job, but VENDORS! Boy, vendors are awful everywhere! Sometimes tech vendors make me wish...


{Random} Class III Bike Lanes

  “Look at us, we want to help bicyclists!” – Government entities Occasionally, I’m not sitting in front of a computer and like to, you know, go out and exercise for a while. I...


{Random} New Job!

Started new job at another MSP yesterday, the imposter syndrome is in full effect. Totally freaking outtt but also not really because everyone there is awesome! (So far). Real network monitoring and server maintenance....


{Random} Feel so Good

I start a new job on Monday! Today, my best friends and I went around my hometown. I felt so rich with my net gain of nearly a thousand bucks (mostly due to not...